Boot Camp

Working Out With Friends is More Fun

Occasionally I offer free boot camp classes for our Embassy community.  Last Friday was one of those occasions, and even though we are in the middle of summer here in the southern hemisphere, the weather was perfect for an outdoor class.  The temperature was excellent, the skies were clear, and it was slightly breezy.  I even remembered my portable speaker. 

The camp began with a jog, including butt kickers and high knees, before we moved into a dynamic stretching routine.  When everyone was warm, we started the Shuttle Run Sandwich circuit.  We finished up by partnering off for a You Go, I Go circuit.  I love incorporating you go, I go style circuits into group classes because they foster comradery and team spirit.  Each partnership makes one team.  Partners rotate work and rest intervals keeping track of the number of reps each person completes.  For example, Partner 1 does 30 air squats in 30 seconds, Partner 2 completes 27 but was motivated to try to do more than Partner 1.  The totals are compared between teams.  This rest/work pattern continues for each set of exercises, and the total number of reps can be compared across all groups to establish a winner.  It was, altogether, a success! 

Here's what we did:

Boot Camp Warm UpBoot Camp Shuttle Run SandwichBoot Camp You Go, I Gp

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